…for development



…For Development is an individual and collective workshop in which all activities are committed to contributing to developmental efforts in Lebanon and the Arab region.
For us development is a process and it underlies in everything we do.
Our approach to development is participatory; community based and building on interactive/active methods. It is a combination of conducting projects and outsourcing for clients (Ngos, UN and International Agencies, Government, etc…)


We are a group of interdependent professionals and activists in the development field who all share the following:

  1. Common social and humanitarian values; those of human rights, non-violence, social justice, equal chances and rights for all, ease of access to information and resources, the right to participate in decisions that impact our lives and our communities,
  2. Activist spirit and grass-root work,
  3. Accumulated knowledge and skills in development projects,
  4. A good network with key people on the local, regional and international levels
  5. Commitment to professionalism,
  6. Obligation to the culture of peace and non-violence, in values and practice,
  7. That people are capable, and have the right, of changing themselves and their communities.
  8. Social solidarity is one core …For Development value. As such, we support nascent and grass root groups in different forms.


To bring together our know-how in a way that enhances the quality of work accomplished in the society (societies) through development projects.

Work Fields

For development is active in the fields of:

  1. Training and Coaching (planning, execution and evaluation) on 1-Active learning, formal and non formal education, and peer education, 2-Non violence philosophy and practices, 3-Conflict transformation (including mediation and negotiation skills and tools), 4-Community mobilization, 5-Community Development, 6-Advocacy and lobbying, 7-Team building and team work, 8-Life Skills, 9-Facilitation and training skills and techniques, 10-Labor Rights, 11-Performing arts (theater, songs, print art work and drawing) at the service of development goals and projects, 12-Strategic Planning, 13-Internal governance for NGO’s and municipalities, 14-Management of NGOs and municipalities, 15-Small and medium business development, 16-Project cycle management, 17-Fundraising for NGO’s and public entities, 18-Relief organization and management in disaster and war situations.
  2. Production of Resources in a participatory and collective process.
  3. Planning and or conducting Actions and Interventions in fields of:
    Socio-economic assessment and or actions,
    Socio-political assessment and or actions,
    Local development plans,
  4. Social Animation or Community Organizing:
    …For Development initiated, planned and is now implementing and executing a Lebanese vocational curriculum on social animation. Students now are able through joining this program to a get a high school diploma in this field (Vocational Baccalaureate),
  5. Other services:
    Project Design and Project Documents Writing
    Restructuring NGO’s


    • Local, regional and international NGOs
    • Governmental institutions in Lebanon and the region
    • International organizations
    • Independent donors
    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Youth Clubs


Initiated in 2004 and officially registered in 2006, …For Development brings together committed experts with more than 20 years of experience.

“… For Development, c.c” founding members are:

Nizar I. RAMMAL, Mostafa SAID, and Zeina MEZHER,

with generous support by Helena Nassif, Wadih Takla and Rania Saheli. and the legal assistance of Mrs. Zeina Makhlouf and Layal Sakr.