…for development


To bring together our collective and individual  know-how in a way that enhances the quality of work accomplished by the various social, political and non governmental and public actors, in Lebanon and the Arab Countries.

  • Consulting

    "..., for development, c.c." team is ready to initiate a Planning and or an Intervention process in the fields of: 1- Socio-political and Socio-Economic assessment and or actions, 2- Local Development Plans Development, 3- Projects Design and Writing, 4- Internal Management for NGO's, Municipalities, and Ministries, 5- Restructuring and Strategizing for NGO's, Municipalities, and Ministries, 6- Design and Implementation of Rapid Participatory Community Development Needs,
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  • Non Formal Education

    Children and Teenagers gain knowledge from their own experiences. They learn how to sharpen their instincts, improve their skills and interact with their peers. They also learn better when they are having fun; they are more attentive, more dedicated, and more likely to remember these experiences, cherish them for life and pass them on to their own children in the future. As part of a team, every child and teenager will be responsible for different chores and will learn a set of Life Skills, such as time management, problem solving, effective communication and positive assertiveness, in addition to manual handcrafts and ways to preserve and maintain used resources. Orienting them to be physically and socially responsible will help them learn how to rely on themselves. By practicing, playing and participating in various workshops, they will learn to respect and accept others (peers and adults), regardless of their backgrounds; they will learn how to use their body, mind and senses to work in teams, communicate with people of all ages and respect all elements of nature.
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  • Resources production

    “… For development” contributes to the collective efforts aiming at the production of numerous helpful resources needed by the Arabic Region. The resources cover different humanities and development fields in general, with a special emphasis on civil society and citizenship. The organization adopts a scientific methodology in developing resources. This approach is based on collective accumulative work in research, authoring, and writing, followed by testing, modifying and finalizing. “… For development” is a product of consistent and meaningful integration between academia and science on one hand and daily practical experience on the other. This is what links this work to knowledge production rather than strictly translated products.
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  • Training

    Training and Coaching (planning, execution and evaluation) on: 1-Active learning, formal and non formal education, and peer education, 2-Non violence philosophy and practices, 3-Conflict transformation (including mediation and negotiation skills and tools), 4-Community mobilization, 5-Community Development, 6-Advocacy and lobbying, 7-Team building and team work, 8-Life Skills, 9-Facilitation and training skills and techniques, 10-Labor Rights, 11-Performing arts (theater, songs, print art work and drawing) at the service of development goals and projects, 12-Strategic Planning, 13-Internal governance for NGO’s and municipalities, 14-Management of NGOs and municipalities, 15-Small and medium business development, 16-Project cycle management, 17-Fundraising for NGO’s and public entities, 18-Relief organization and management in disaster and war situations.
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