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Wednesday, 15th of October, 2008 Peer Education Initiative in Oman

Key tasks/activities:
Review all available data including desk review carried out by the school health
and national AIDS program on HIV/AIDS and healthy life styles, (namely: nutrition, substance and
tobacco use, road safety, youth violence, and HIV/AIDS and STI).
And the Ministry of Education peer education literature (guides, training handouts, reports, etc)

Stakeholders mapping
Develop 5 booklets (ref material and messages) addressing youth (content and design) on
the following topics:
1. Nutrition,
2. HIV and STD,
3. road safety,
4. youth & violence,
5. Addiction (tobacco and substance).

Youth peer education trainer manual containing:
1. The main training participatory and
interactive skills and techniques,
2. A module of a training session on each of
the 5 topics

Conducting two training workshops for the youth peer educator trainers on
participatory and interactive training skills and techniques.

Conducting a training module, development and coaching workshop.

Conducting a follow up and coaching activities for the national trainers team

(a) Developing testing tools for:
1. The 5 booklets
2. The 5 training modules
(b) Sorting and analyzing the testing results and adapt the material accordingly

Expected output/ deliverables:

-5 booklets on the 5 topics tested and ready to print.
-A training kit for youth peer educators on the 5 topics.
-A national team of trainers is formed and trained.
-Youth peer educators training modules (on the 5 topics) ready.
-Testing tool for each training module,
-Testing tool for each booklet
-Training modules adapted and modified according to testing results,
-Booklets adapted and modified according to testing results.