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Projects in Training

Training and Coaching (planning, execution and evaluation) on: 1-Active learning, formal and non formal education, and peer education, 2-Non violence philosophy and practices, 3-Conflict transformation (including mediation and negotiation skills and tools), 4-Community mobilization, 5-Community Development, 6-Advocacy and lobbying, 7-Team building and team work, 8-Life Skills, 9-Facilitation and training skills and techniques, 10-Labor Rights, 11-Performing arts (theater, songs, print art work and drawing) at the service of development goals and projects, 12-Strategic Planning, 13-Internal governance for NGO’s and municipalities, 14-Management of NGOs and municipalities, 15-Small and medium business development, 16-Project cycle management, 17-Fundraising for NGO’s and public entities, 18-Relief organization and management in disaster and war situations.