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Friday, 14th of December, 2007 Awareness Campaign on Providing Adequate Services to People with Special Needs in: ,

During the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, public health and emergency entities showed serious lack of knowledge and competence with regards to how to deal with and to take care of the disabled people. This led to LPHU initiating a national campaign of awareness and advocacy to introduce and integrate procedures, measures and criteria of performance dealing with this issue. LPHU, supported by Handicap International, established “Disability Focal Points” in different areas in Lebanon with a mandate to provide proper services and linkages for disabled people in Lebanon.

…For Development‘s main task included:

– Conducting an evaluation (qualitative) of the work and performance of the Disability Focal Points.
– Designing and conducting a series of awareness workshops on disability criteria in public health services.
– Designing a booklet/guidebook on how to deal with disability cases during a time of emergency.