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Tuesday, 30th of July, 2013 The “Le3b w Jadd” children Program in:

12 Days & 11 Nights! Play and Learn!
From the 19th till the 30th of August 2013; at the town of Dmit, in Shouf.
Children from 6 to 12 years of age.


— About Le3b w Jadd —
The camp will take place in the “Dmit Youth Hostel & Forest Center” of the AFDC (Association for Forest Development and Conservation) at the town of Dmit, in Shouf, which is 30 minutes away from Beirut. The center is nestled on top of a hill overlooking the sea, surrounded by pine forests and wild trees. It provides all means of comfort, safety and is well-equipped with the essential needs of all its residents.
The camp’s duration is 12 days, from the 19th till the 30th of August 2013.
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— The Le3b w Jadd Philosophy —
Kids gain knowledge from their own experiences. They learn how to sharpen their instincts, improve their skills and interact with their peers.
Kids learn better when they are having fun; they are more attentive, more dedicated, and more likely to remember these experiences, cherish them for life and pass them on to their own children in the future.


— Learning made fun —
Every day, kids will be filled with excitement as they participate in the following activities:
• Outdoor games focusing on sensory-motor skills
• Indoor games focusing on psychometric skills
• Evening gatherings
• Music and songs workshops
• International dance and local folklore workshop
• Theater and puppet show workshop
• Handcraft workshops (pottery, paper pulp, plastic)
• Percussion instruments workshop
• Sightseeing trips to surrounding villages
• Environmental trips


— A safe and healthy environment —
• The place is an environmentally conscious building consisting of bedrooms, work halls and a restaurant, all of which are equipped with all safety and comfort means.
• Kids will have 5 well-studied meals per day (3 main and 2 secondary), prepared by a nutritionist.
• A health card for each child will be filled before the camp begins. It will include basic health information about the child (eating habits, ongoing medicines, types of allergies, etc..)
• Half of the team members have attended first aid courses and are therefore qualified to deal with any emergency.
• Everyone at the camp will be fully covered by a medical insurance.


— Personality development —
Teams will comprise of children from various social and cultural backgrounds. As part of a team, every child will be responsible for different chores and will learn a set of skills, such as time management, manual handcrafts and ways to preserve and maintain used resources.
Teaching the children to be physically and socially responsible will help them learn how to rely on themselves.


— Exploring new places & new cultures —
Kids will take trips to the summer center and the surrounding villages to mingle with the village kids through artistic and handcrafts workshops. These trips, along with the team games at camp, will help them explore the beautiful culture and natural variety of their country.
By practicing daily, playing and participating in various workshops, kids will learn to respect and accept other kids, regardless of their background; they will learn how to use their body, mind and senses to work in teams, communicate with people of all ages and respect all elements of nature.


— A team with decades of experience —
…For development is the organizer and direct supervisor of the camp. It is a civil company that deals with active and irregular education of children and teenagers, in addition to other fields of public health and administrative organization of municipalities and NGOs.
For further information about the company, please visit: www.fordevelopment.org
The team members are professional coaches with years of experience in the education of children and teenagers, dating back to 1990.


— Camp Structure —
The number of children will vary between 40 and 50.
• Each team will include a maximum of 8 children.
• There will be one main coach for each team, in addition to coach assistants whenever needed.


— Fees —
$850, all included
discount on siblings at 10%
Registration Fees: $100


03-867 083 / 03-025 718 / 03-908307


Book Now by sending an e-mail to any team member:
Loubna: loubna.sadek@yahoo.com
Nizar: nizar@fordevelopment.org
Nisreen: nisreen.rammal@hotmail.com
Hala: hala@fordevelopment.org

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