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Thursday, 25th of November, 2010 Peer Education Initiative in Oman in: ,


Review all available data including a desk review carried out by school health and national AIDS programme on HIV/AIDS and healthy life styles, (namely: nutrition, substance and tobacco use, road safety, youth violence, and HIV/AIDS and STI) and the Ministry of Education peer education literature (guides, training handouts, reports, أ¢â‚¬آ¦etc)

Stakeholders mapping

Develop 5 booklets (ref material and messages) addressing youth (content and design) on the following topics:

1. Nutrition,
2. HIV and STD,
3. road safety,
4. youth violence,
5. Addiction (tobacco and substance).

Youth peer education trainer’s manual containing:

1. The main training participatory and interactive skills and techniques,
2. A module of a training session on each of the 5 topics To conduct two training workshops for the youth peer educator trainers on participatory and interactive training skills and techniques. To conduct one training modules development and coaching workshop. To conduct a follow up and coaching activities for the national trainers team to develop testing tools for:

a. The 5 booklets
b. The 5 training modules (b) to sort and analyze the testing results and adapt the material accordingly

Output/ deliverables comprehensive review completed. Peer education stakeholders’ map

5 booklets (soft) on the 5 topics tested and ready to print. A training kit for youth peer educators on the 5 topics. A national team of trainers is formed and trained. Youth peer educators training modules (on the 5 topics) ready.

Testing tool for each training module. Testing tool for each booklet. Training modules adapted and modified according to testing results. Booklets adapted and modified according to testing results.