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ProjectDevelopment of a Local Strategy for Rural Tourism for Actors in Aley Caza

In a contract with Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), implementing the USAID-funded Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) Project, …For Development, c.c. and Center for Active Citizenship c.c. set out to develop a local rural tourism strategy for actors in Aley Caza.

The scope of work will be divided into the following phases:

Phase One: Qualitative Approach

Qualitative assessment will precede the development of the strategy, based on focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews. These interviews and discussions will be carried out in private settings with the Aley Caza. In total, 15 semi-structured interviews and 5 focus group discussions will be conducted with the key stakeholders. Once the data is collected, all interviews will be transcribed as notes, coded, and analyzed using thematic analysis.

Phase Two: Development of a Draft Strategy Document

Based on the qualitative approach that was undertook in phase one and available secondary data on Aley Caza, a draft strategy document will be developed containing:

1. An introduction, including a vision statement for the development of Aley Caza.

2. An assessment that will include a socio-economic diagnostic of the Aley Caza economic situation using available secondary data and an assessment of the current rural tourism sector in Aley Caza

3. A strategic objective that will look at the opportunities and propose development concepts for the sustainable management of rural tourism, the integration of rural tourism activities between all the concepts developed and the Caza and other strategic objectives developed by the strategy.

4. An action plan for future implementation, including actions to be made, a prioritization of those actions, responsible entities, etc.

Phase Three: Validation Workshop

A workshop will be planned for and implemented to validate the draft strategy document with the stakeholders of Aley Caza. All the feedback that will result from the workshop will be considered and documented to feed into the final document. \

Phase Four: Development of a Final Strategy Document

A final local rural tourism strategy document will be prepared in English, and then translated into Arabic.

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