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Development of a Local Strategy for Rural Tourism for Actors in Aley Caza

In a contract with Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), implementing the USAID-funded Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) Project, …For Development, c.c. and Center for Active Citizenship c.c. set out to develop a local rural tourism strategy for actors in Aley Caza. The scope of work will be divided into the following phases: Phase One: Qualitative […]

Remediation and Upgrading of Water Supply Networks in Seven Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

The housing conditions within the Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon are well documented to having hazardous infrastructure, including lack of adequate drinking water, leaking sewerage pipes, deteriorated and congested roads and alleyways; despite the ample necessities to be addressed, the most identified need within these communities has been access to sufficient amount of potable water. […]

Integrating Peace Building into Educational Channels

In a contract with the UNDP, in its project titled “Integrating Peace Building into Educational Channels”; …For Development and Center for Active Citizenship set out to integrate peace building into formal and non-formal educational channels in Lebanese schools in Beirut Suburbs and Bekaa. The project tackled the gaps in knowledge, attitudes and practices of the […]

Ministry of Labor Social Workers Capacity Development, Phase One: Job Description Development

Assignment Brief This initiative is an effort initiated by the ILO PROWD project aiming at improving working conditions of women migrant domestic workers in Lebanon through a multitude of interventions at the policy level as well as raising public awareness. The main result that will be reached through the project is that the Ministry of […]

The Yearly MasterCard Foundation Scholars at AUB

The Assignment brief: To Organize and Implement was a workshop of five days on children’s activities, organization and implementation skills and other tools, followed by a one month of coaching in designated activities happening in the greater Beirut area. The second cohort of 14 Scholars of  The MasterCard Foundation has joined FHS in fall 2013- 2014. Since […]